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Saturday, 20 Oct 2007

Northern California

Vacation pictures! These are from Mount Lassen, Mount Shasta, Redwood National Park, and the Charles M. Schultz museum in Santa Rosa. Silhouette of Tree

Saturday, 05 May 2007

Constructing Florida Suburbia

These pictures are from a housing development under construction in central Florida. This is from the southern section of an enormous retirement community called "The Villages" that has been expanding for years and shows no sign of stopping. Houses in Florida

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Seattle, Vancouver, Portland

Last month, my parents and I drove around around Washington State, British Columbia, and down to Portland. We saw many sights and took many pictures of them. Gas Works Park

Monday, 09 Jan 2006

Up the Hill

On New Year's Day, I took a walk up the hill behind my parents' house and took some pictures.

the barn

Wednesday, 05 Oct 2005

Storm King

Storm King Art Center is a 500-acre outdoor art museum north of New York City. It's a wonderful place for walking and taking pictures.

Beethoven's Quartet

Tuesday, 03 May 2005

Joshua Trees

Here are some pictures from a trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

trail to Barker Dam 8

Monday, 13 Sep 2004

Montreal and Quebec

Some pictures from my trip to Montreal and Quebec City last month.

Chinese Garden 8

Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004


Mike Kuniavsky and I drove to Mojave airport to see the SpaceShipOne launch. It was a blast.

At the time, the launch seemed to be completely successful (unlike my photography - I see now why the serous photographers have big zoom lenses). We didn't stay for the press conference, so it wasn't until I got back and checked the news that I found out that they had some serious glitches. Still, they made it to 100 kilometers and all's well that ends well.

(Here's Mike's post.)




Sunday, 13 Jun 2004

Power Tools Drag Races

Here are some pictures from day 2 of the Power Tools Drag Races). They're mostly in the "ridden" category since those pictures came out the best. For pictures from day one and further explanation, see Mike Kuniavsky's weblog. IMG_0420.JPG

Sunday, 30 May 2004


San Francisco's Carnival was today and it was a lot of fun! I took some photos. (I could have taken more, but my camera ran out of memory. Next time I'll do better.) IMG_0371.JPG

Crossing San Francisco Bay

My commute takes me across San Francisco Bay, either by ferry or by bus. I've created a photo album of pictures I've taken along the way.