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Saturday, 13 Sep 2003


Back in 1996 I wrote a little Java applet called PixelToy for HotWired's WebMonkey site.

Visitors to the PixelToy web page would see an 18x18 canvas of fat pixels where they could paint. Brush strokes would be transmitted to everyone else visiting the same page, so you could see other people drawing. It was pretty fun.

PixelToy was written for Java 1.0.2 and ran acceptably over a 28.8Kbps modem on my Mac Quadra. The client is a single 12K Java class file. Unfortunately it requires a server (written in Java) that is no longer running, so it's no longer online. But I keep the source code available for old time's sake:

Download PixelToy source (24K)

(My applet has nothing to do with LairWare's PixelToy, which came along later.)