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Saturday, 25 Oct 2003

On Resistance

[I'm going to start posting various quotes I found interesting. - Brian]

"When we first became active resistance workers, we were law-abiding citizens trying to help those who needed help. But as it became harder to help, we became less law-abiding. When I needed a better bicycle to enable me to help the Jewish people more efficiently, I was immediately provided a better bicycle, a 'liberated' (stolen) one. When anything was badly needed, it was simply stolen -- always from somebody who was unsympathetic to the 'cause,' the cause of resisting the occupational forces, the cause of fighting for freedom. But it was stolen, nonetheless.

"The same happened when certain Germans had to be killed because they were considered dangerous to the resistance. The simple solution was to kill them. It was killing for a good cause. But it was murder, nonetheless.

"It is very hard to go back to being a normal, law-abiding citizen after having been involved and having participated in smaller and larger crimes during a war, even when it was for a good cause."

- Hanneke Ippisch in Sky (via David Kline)